El Garahe Studios La Union getaway: Sebay

Benderdonedat Sebay-3We had a pre-planned location in mind for our first destination. A place dear to our hearts due to its affordability and a bit of a laid back atmosphere. We were excited to be there again since the last stay was enjoyable. As we approached our supposed destination, the guard from the other resort told us that the place we planned to stay in was already closed. By that we mean they are gone for good. We had so much memories there but we had to go for plan B.

Benderdonedat Sebay

Benderdonedat Sebay-2

We searched for the next best thing and we ended up with Sebay. First impressions were a bit mixed since there were a lot of people and we were hoping for a laid back, quiet and all to ourselves place. There were renovations around and since it was a long week end, a ton of people checked in. Luckily, they were all ready to check out and head home to their places. As for our room, it wasn’t prepared yet and they told us to just wait for their message once the room is ready.

Benderdonedat Sebay-4

Sebay grew on us since everything was accessible. They have good food, booze, and amenities they are famous for – sea side fun. Stores are available around the place so if you might need anything like basic toiletries, snacks, water and others, you won’t have to travel far.

Benderdonedat Sebay-6

Benderdonedat Sebay-5

As for activities to do they have surfing lessons.

Benderdonedat Sebay-7

Benderdonedat Sebay-12

Benderdonedat Sebay-10



We got there around lunch time. Some of us were excited to try the new gadgets as shown on the pictures below. Topper’s kids were excited to go to the water and have fun. I know I was but me and the rest of the crew just wanted to chill, have a drink or more, indulge in food and just unwind to the scenery. Even I didn’t document this trip as much as I normally would on the job.



While the kids and the kids at heart were playing, we ordered food, boodle fight style. According to Urban dictionary Boodle fight is a military style of eating where long tables are prepared and food are on top of the banana leaves. Viands and rice ready to eat using your bare hands, jugs of water are prepared on the side to wash hands before the “eating combat”. With the signal to start the boodle fight, everyone aims for his/her position.

Sebay had a wide variety of food to choose from but we got this since we might as well enjoy eating with our hands

Benderdonedat Sebay-25

Benderdonedat Sebay-26
Ready for kamayan(eating with the hands)

Benderdonedat Sebay-27

Armed with plastic gloves and our hands, we dug in. We had two combos. The first one had rice, chicken barbecue, pancit canton, chopseuy, grilled catfish and slices of cucumber.

Benderdonedat Sebay-15

Chopseuy is a vegetable dish that is stir fried with pork and an assortment of colorful vegetables with a soy-starchy thickened sauce.

Benderdonedat Sebay-17

Pancit canton is a stir fried noodle dish topped with pork and an assortment of vegetables.

Benderdonedat Sebay-24
Pancit Canton
Benderdonedat Sebay-19
Grilled catfish and a few slices of cucumber
Benderdonedat Sebay-16
Chicken Barbecue

The second  combo had rice, pancit canton, kinilaw na tanigue, pork barbecue, and pinakbet.

Benderdonedat Sebay-20

Kinilaw na tanigue is a raw spanish mackerel cleaned, deboned,  and deskinned then tossed in with some onions, bell pepper, green mango,  splashed with vinegar, and lemon juice or kalamansi juice.

Benderdonedat Sebay-21

Pinakbet is an Ilocano dish  made of sauteed pork, garlic, red onion and tomatoes with local vegetables, simmered in fish sauce/paste. Pinakbet litteraly translates to make it “shriveled”

Benderdonedat Sebay-22
Benderdonedat Sebay-23
Pork Barbecue

Everything tasted great and filled us to the brim. For me, the highlight was the kinilaw na tanigue. I rarely ate fish. Where I currently live, the market doesn’t give me much selection of fresh fish. To eat it raw and taste this great makes this trip already worth it.

We also got some Sinigang na maya maya, translated as sour broth red snapper.  This completed our meal since it helped washed down the savory taste of the meal. I was not able to get a pic of this viand since my hands were greasy and messy.


After that hefty meal we stuffed our things first at our room and then cooled off a bit. We’re not really accustomed to the heat. The air conditioning in our room was just about the right temperature. The room we took was good for 10 people. It has its own bathroom and cable television. There were ample number of sockets for charging our electronics. The beds were comfortable and sheets were clean and there were towels for everyone.

Benderdonedat Sebay room
Our set for our room, the other boys placed the foam on the floor since the air conditioning was directed towards the bed and it was too cold for them.

After settling in, rain poured. We had to leave our camera and other stuff so that it won’t get drenched. We headed out to got wet by the rain and by the sea. While we were at it we tried skim boarding since we got curious. It was fun, everyone got a splash and even the skater boys had a hard time working their balance on the water. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures to show since I don’t own a camera that’s water proof. But we had fun even though some of us had bad falls.

 I’ll cut it here for now but do watch out for the next parts of our adventure. ^_^

If you would like to check Sebay’s full details check it here.


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