Curious guy, Hungry guy

I used to think that the world is a place surrounded by what you can see, a spotlight revolving around myself, limited within the confines of what the light shows. A space bound around an understanding that I am in a prison waiting to be set free.

A view of sunrise from Mt. Yangbew (Mt. Jumbo) La Trinidad, Benguet

I ended the rat race years back and now am ready to indulge in what life has to offer from tastes, scent, touch and sights. To map the horizon, travel and discover infinite worlds that revolve around other people and  myself along the way is my mission. Explore and learn new things as I go on, living the moment and dreaming for a future without regret filled with stories to share.

But you might be wondering who I am, well I currently preserve a glimpse of time and history, stopping the world and capturing memories of what I see and beyond. I’m a photographer learning the craft. Trying to make a name and living out of it.  I Love to indulge in sumptuous meals either cooked by me or someone else. I’m a person hungry for new things and new experiences.

I’m a green horn at this but do join me as I discover new things and share them with you.

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