El Garahe Studios La Union getaway: Sunset at Urbiztondo

Benderdonedat Urbiztondo

The view of the sea always gets me into a trance.

The sound of the waves crashing is like a song putting me at ease.

The wind carrying a little splash cools the warm day that passed.

As the sun sets,

its color sedates me and brings me to a halt,

appreciating the canvas presented.

Signaling yet another day finished.

As darkness engulfs the light,

the colors fight even more to show a spectacle of hues,

more vivid than any part of the day has shown.

As the sun descends and disappears over the horizon,

we say goodbye to another wonderful day,

filled with memories filled with fun,

hoping that tomorrow would all be the same.

Benderdonedat Urbiztondo

After the rain, the skies opened up a bit and I wanted to shoot the landscape in this area. I haven’t been shooting a lot of landscapes recently since I didn’t have the chance and we were busy shooting weddings and events. I said to myself that it was a chance I’m never going to let go. I told the guys that I’m going to shoot some landscapes around the area. I went back to our room and picked up my camera and tripod and headed to look for the best location to shoot.

As you can tell I love shooting landscapes. It gives me peace of mind.  It allows me to be in a trance with the scene I am presented with. It can be lonely at times but as long as I got an MP3 player on my phone and the tools to make the photograph I’ll be okay. Finding a spot is easy, finding a picturesque spot is not. When looking for a great spot it has to have not just the sky as the consideration but also the foreground and possible subject. Bare landscape is good but gets better if you put in something that can draw people in. I found a spot near some rocks and they make for a lot of possible great shots. With the people moving in and out of the place they can become points of interest. See the pictures below.

Benderdonedat Urbiztondo-2
Up for a walk

Benderdonedat Urbiztondo-3

Take this.

Benderdonedat Urbiztondo-7
A sweet sunset walk
Benderdonedat Urbiztondo-8
Benderdonedat Urbiztondo-4
A couple wondering around the area. I did’t ask them to pose they were just passing by.


Benderdonedat Urbiztondo-10


Benderdonedat Urbiztondo-12

Benderdonedat Urbiztondo-14
I asked Jom’s one of the boys of El Garahe to pose for this shot. Yes you heard it right he is a guy ^_^
Benderdonedat Urbiztondo-15
As the light fades for the day


Benderdonedat Urbiztondo-18

Benderdonedat Urbiztondo-19

Benderdonedat Urbiztondo-20
Retiring for the day

I’ve seen better sun sets than this, but I was blessed to witness this one. I was lucky that the rained stopped and the sky opened up. It gave me an opportunity to capture a great scene. It didn’t disappoint since the sky was colorful and gave a great light show.

After the sun set it drizzled a bit. We decided to have an early dinner. We ate dinner at the Sebay surf central Restaurant, the same place we had our lunch. We ordered the Lechon Kawali, Sinampalukang Manol, and Kinilaw na Tanigue.

The Kinilaw na tanigue deserved a second try, it was really tasty. It had the proper balance of heat and sourness with the flavor of the fish. For those who didn’t read the previous blog about our trip, this dish is a raw spanish mackerel cleaned, deboned,  and deskinned then tossed in with some onions, bell pepper, green mango,  splashed with vinegar, and lemon juice or kalamansi juice, the dish is similar to Ceviche.

Benderdonedat Urbiztondo-24
Kinilaw na Tanigue

Lechon Kawali which is pork belly boiled till tender then deep fried till crispy this one was garnished with onions and bell pepper.

Benderdonedat Urbiztondo-23
Lechon Kawali

Sinampalukang Manok, is a hearty dish comprised of chicken in a sour yet flavourful tamarind broth. Great for washing down the

Benderdonedat Urbiztondo-22
Sinampalukang Manok or Chicken in Tamarind broth
Benderdonedat Urbiztondo-25
El Garahe Boys enjoying the dinner.

Benderdonedat Urbiztondo-21


After that satisfying dinner we continued to have some drinks. I only had a few and retired early since we still have another adventure ahead. Our day was full of fun and enjoyable things, from food to drinks and the activities we had.

For now we rest and continue our adventure the following day. ^_^

Benderdonedat Urbiztondo-26
Resting after a fun day.

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