Hanging out in Studio Cafe

I’ve been cooped up inside of our compound for a bit, mainly because I’ve been doing some stuff at home that relates to fixing the drainage, moving some loads of rocks and also sorting out some stuff. It let me perspire and do some back breaking things which  was good but being stuck in here for too long will drive you nuts. I have to escape and meet friends just so I can steal some of their positive vibes and creative air. I had the perfect victim in mind.

Benderdondat Studiocafe

Meet Tom Acop, a photographer friend of mine who is specializing in commercial product Photography. He takes Photos of still life items and sells it online as Stock Photographs which other multimedia artist uses in their own creations. He also does fashion and portraiture in his Studio and is a master of Macro Photography (This is where he excelled when I first met him.). He is also a hobbyist turned professional (the term professional to us is someone who gets paid out of the craft you do and not claiming to be a total God like person, bending the laws of physics to make everything happen. We still learn new things everyday). You can check some of his works here.

I was bored and called him up. We haven’t met in a while and he had to do some errands in town so it was the perfect opportunity to meet up. Our spot for the day is at Studio Cafe. It is located at 87 Session Rd, Baguio City. You can view their Facebook page here. The Cafe’s owner is mister Mark Perez.  I was not really able to interview him but he is a very dear person to the Photography community of Baguio. He is the owner of Photo Tech. A Long standing studio that takes portraits of students for their graduation books and I think they also do other stuff but that is what I think he is famous for. From my understanding he has a deep love for photography and coffee, mixing both hence the cafe. It opened up September of 2017 its a haven for people who love coffee, loves to just chill and the customers waiting in line for their pictorial.

Benderdondat Studiocafe-6
Tom, thinking what to order.

So on to the Cafe. The place is lined up with wooden tables and stools with some wall mounted tables set beside windows with a view of the busy session road, good for people watching. They have a simple menu for a chill vibe but once you smell the coffee brewing you know your in for a good kick of caffeine. They also offer sandwiches which perfectly complements the coffee . I got a Nutella French Toast paired of with a cup of cappuccino. Tom on the other hand got the french toast served with syrup and topped with butter.For his beverage he got the cold brew served with the vanilla honey cream.

Benderdondat Studiocafe-2
Studio Cafe’s menu.





Benderdondat Studiocafe-7

Benderdondat Studiocafe-8

Benderdondat Studiocafe-32
The Cappuccino was made here.

The french toast they cooked is made literally in front of you. You can observe them over the counter assembling it and putting in all the yummy stuff in it. Who wouldn’t like to take images of their food if it was served like this. With good light on our table coming from the window we did our bad habit of taking photographs of what we are going to eat. The pictures below are proof of that.

Benderdondat Studiocafe-21
Our Snack for the afternoon.
Benderdondat Studiocafe-14
French Toast with syrup and topped with butter.

Benderdondat Studiocafe-18

Toms order Cold brew with vanilla honey cream.




Benderdondat Studiocafe-22
My Snack for the afternoon. Cappuccino with Nutella French Toast.
Benderdondat Studiocafe-20
Tom looking for the perfect spot.
Benderdondat Studiocafe-24
First bite. Yummy and light perfect for a light fill specially if you had this a few hours before dinner. Also healthy since they used wheat bread.
Benderdondat Studiocafe-16
My cappuccino. Creamy and hits the spot.



It’s been a while since I took pictures of food with good company. Tom and I talked about the current things we were doing while sipping our concoctions. Catching up on life matters since the last time I saw him was last year and we did promise before that we were gonna meet up but conflicts on schedules happened that it took months before this happened. Along with the french toast and coffee we had a lot of fun shooting the food and enjoying talks about what we did for the past months. We also talked about future plans of finding some other food stops to visit. The ones that we enjoy we try to take photos and probably support them in our own way. Support the local food industry by trying them out. Overall the place is good for meet ups, hanging out and just enjoying coffee while reading a book or news paper or just looking for a quiet place to crash.

-Benderdonedat ^_^

Benderdondat Studiocafe-30
Tom enjoying the cold brew
Benderdondat Studiocafe-28
Me, Tom and Sir Mark


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