El Garahe Studios La Union getaway: Tangadan Falls (Reposting)

I already published the said title before but a disaster happened and I accidentally deleted the previous article and it was my dumb fault that I also permanently deleted it. I’ll try to recall as much of it as I can to tell you our story during our hike to the said wonder of La Union.

As I recall I tried sleeping early during that night that we head out to Sebay surf central> We had a couple of drinks but the heat was just getting to us. I grew up in a similar weather in my younger years but staying in the cool weather of the mountains unfortunately trained my body to be more accustomed with the cold rather than the heat. I lied down in my bed hoping that I can sleep but failed.(It was around 10:00 ish to around 11:00 pm but I think I only got my sleep around 2:00 am.)

We woke up for breakfast around 7:00 Am to get ready for the next part of our getaway to get to Tangadan Falls. We had breakfast at the Sebay restaurant and I was still charging my camera so was not able to document that. After breakfast we took a bath and packed up our stuff. Around 9:30 AM we headed to San Gabriel. Along the way you can say that we are really heading towards a very rural place. A few cars passed by and some tricycles(They are similar to the tuktok’s of Thailand).

Benderdonedat Tangadan FallsBenderdonedat Tangadan Falls-3

At the time I first wrote about this, the roads were somewhat being fixed but I think by now (I hope) it’s already done. We got there at around 10:30 AM but if the roads were fixes I think we could’ve gotten there a little faster. At the town we met up with our guide Froilan, who is local and a well recommended guide. A cool guy who has lots of stories about the place, if you need a guide going to Tangadan Falls, you can contact him thru his mobile number, +63 927 501 6714. We had to register at the Town hall first and we were also briefed of what are the do’s and don’ts at the Falls. They also mentioned about being mindful of our trash. If you need to throw something you can approach your guides and they’ll be the one who will throw that away for you.

Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-4
La Union country side
Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-5
Rural feels at its finest
Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-6
San Gabriel Town Hall
Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-7
Registering at the town hall
Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-8
A little briefing of the do’s and don’ts at the falls with Froilan our guide

After the registration we also had to buy food, the town has Local eateries and you can buy there. We bought rice, dinuguan, and menudo. After that we also bought water, paper plates, and some additional plastic to act as a glove for our lunch later (yes we ate with our hands but for sanitary and health purposes we use the plastic as sort of a glove.) and as a trash bag. The food is affordable and just fresh out of the kitchen. Unfortunately forgot to take photos of it.

Luckily we got Paul’s Toyota Hilux to bring us to our destination. According to Froilan there are 2 routes. The first route passes through another barangay and from there you have to traverse the river taking up around an 1 hour (if you are the type that moves fast.) or 2 hours (I’m unhealthy and I fit in this category.). The first route is for people who would like to experience an adventure and the place is picturesque more pics for instagram and social media. The second route (the one we are taking) cuts the trip to just around 30 to 45 minutes. This route takes the mountain side and drops you of near the falls. Some of us didn’t have that much sleep and has hangover. Since we have the means  (Thanks Paul for bringing your Pick up) this would pretty much lessen the hassle of going to the falls. Froilan mentioned that a Van can also get here up to a certain point so your still going to walk, but if you have a dirt bike you can pretty much get to the drop off point and close the gap to the falls. A note for guys bringing an SUV to get here, the roads are steep and one lane, so be patient and have the courtesy to give way.

Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-11
Preparing our stuff and double checking if we have everything since its going to be a far hike back if we did forget something.
Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-12
If you are out of gas and forgot to bring one here’s your option. But better safe than sorry so be sure to fill up your tank.

The road going down is steep and a bit slippery due to the rain the previous day but it’s full of greens and refreshing to the eyes. There are also signs pointing you towards the direction where to go down and some small shops that sells stuff specially if you forgot to bring soap or would like to have soft drinks and I think some alcohol but they do mentioned at the briefing to avoid drinking at the Falls since some people don’t know how to hold themselves and lead to accidents. The trek was short but if your not careful you can slip down. I almost did. For overweight guys like me we really had to take it slow. We’ll definitely get there. ^_^ As for the weather if you’re used to the humid weather here in the Philippines then you won’t have any problem, you can even say that its just about right. But for us who came from the cold its like being drenched in evaporating water and being smothered by wet cloth.

Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-13
Ready for fun.
Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-14
Steep slope going down.

Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-15Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-16

Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-17
A sign pointing you to the right direction.
Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-18
George posing for the camera. take note some of the paths leading down are muddy and slippery, better wear appropriate gear for this. Our choice slippers.
Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-19
I can see the falls now. No that’s not it its another falls that beside our destination. But at this point you can clearly hear the roaring sound of the water gushing through its path.

Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-21

After that short trek down we end up at the back of the falls.

Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-22

Jonillo enjoying the calming scene.

Once we got to the main falls it was spectacular and it was huge. Thanks to rain the previous day the volume of water coming out of it was enormous. The color of the water shows a blue to green hue. And it was loud.  As per some friends when I’ve shown them the pictures I’ve taken that we were lucky since the water was not murky and it only gave of a small flow of water when they visited.

Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-33
A Long exposure photo of Tangadan Falls from the view deck.
Benderdonedat Tangadan
Another Angle from the bottom of the falls. Lucky that there was no one around since it was lunch time. Yes this shot was processed.
Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-25
Paul just enjoying the view
Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-26
Joms, George, and Francis trying to get to the raging currents of the water fall.
Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-27
George being my model

If you want to go near the falls you can also rent some life vest that is near the change room that doubles into a comfort room for Php 50.00. There are also tables where you can eat at. If you were not able to register at the town hall there is also a registration that is situated at the falls if you have just present your receipt to them. We played around tried to get close to the water fall and took pictures of the place.

Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-30

Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-31
Eating lunch near the other waterfall.

After playing around we ate lunch and after resting a bit we took an obligatory group photo at the view deck. We played some more but didn’t document that since I also wanted to enjoy and I my camera is not water proof. Overall it was fun and refreshing to have a dip in the cool waters of Tangadan. We were lucky since there were only a few people around (It was a Monday when we went here and it was after a long week end.) Plan your trip here on a week day and not in the holidays since it can get really packed. As per Froilan the local government may open other spots near the falls specially for those guys who plan to seek an adventure. Froilan mentioned that there are caves nearby but no clean route yet and they are still studying if it will be safe for the tourist. They are still developing the other parts of the said place so for now the only thing open to the public is the falls. After that fun filled afternoon we headed back and to where we started hiking down (Are there yet! Stairs are my dread) after that we went back to town and dropped off Froilan and give him a little extra for being a great guide. Overall the experience was really great and rewarding. This completed our 2 day Get away to La Union. Hoping that will have another one this 2018.


Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-37
From the top left Ben(me, 2nd shooter for Photo) John (the lead creative video of the team and final cut editor) George (Tattoo artist and Videographer) Forilan( our Guide), Francis (Lead documentary Videographer and aspiring Photographer), Paul (the boss, Same day editor and the owner of El Garahe Studios Video,) From bottom left Jonillo (Agricultural Student, Film Photographer, and former Personal assistant for the group) Joms ( Personal Assistant and Skater )
Benderdonedat Tangadan Falls-38
We are El Garahe Studios

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