Sunset at the Strawberry Farm

Benderdonedat Sunset at the Strawberry farm

This photograph was taken at the La Trinidad Strawberry Farm back in November of 2011. The garden plots were being readied for the plantation of the strawberries at this time. November here in the Cordilleras is the time when the temperature starts to drop, but the rain comes to a hold which is the ideal climate for strawberries to grow. Dry and cold. The initial harvest of the strawberries comes in around January of the following year, but the peak would be around the first week of February. If you plan to visit Baguio and plan to buy strawberries for yourselves or as gift when you go back home, it would be best to plan your trip around the last week of January to the second week of February.

As for me this place is always a play ground for shooting very colorful afternoons. Overtime I have taken lot’s of pictures here. This remains to be one of best for me. When ever I look at this photograph it brings me back. The feel of the chill as wind blows, the colors of the sky reflecting down and the mud on my shoes. Yes the mud on my shoes it was stuck and made it hard to move and they feel like weights glued to my feet. It was a memory I will never forget. I still remember what jacket and shoes I wore on that day. It was a vans checkered with cream, brown and white  but since the mud stuck, you know how it goes… and the jacket was also a cream jacket that also had blots of mud on the back. But all my complaints were shut when this scene unfolded in front of my eyes. It was grand. A reminder that even when some things don’t go according to plan the results might end up being the best.




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