Eating hearty at Balajadia Kitchenette

Back in the day (God I feel so old.) ambiance wasn’t really a big factor for dinning as long as your food taste great and affordable you are in. That philosophy hasn’t changed much for this restaurant that we are dinning at tonight.  Balajadia Kitchenette has been an institution for providing great meals at really affordable rates. The meals that cover from nose to tail dinning. Yes people they are that type of restaurant that offers meals that aren’t your standard fancy dinning, just some classic Filipino fare of soups, boiled innards and grilled food with some oh so yummy sauce. According to their Facebook page they are: “A delectable blend of Cordillera, Ilocano and Filipino cuisine served in a homey environment. Dining at Balajadia kitchenette feels like home.” You can check them here. They are located at Slaughter House Compound, Barangay Sto. Niño.

Benderdondat Balajadia Kitchenette-4

The ambiance is as simple as you can get specially the inner parts of the restaurant. As long as the seats and tables do their job of holding our food and making our butts comfortable while eating our food that will be fine.

Benderdondat Balajadia Kitchenette-5Benderdondat Balajadia Kitchenette-3

Dinning with me tonight is Arnel Vergara an auditor/accountant(for a famous Hotel), Mountaineer(he was able to reach the Everest Base Camp) , Motivational Speaker(from his climbing experience), Photographer(A hobby he loves and is coming back to) and aspiring Entrepreneur(He is still working on it). He went home to Baguio to do some stuff and cool down from the heat of the lowlands and is looking for a hearty meal before his trip going back.

Benderdondat Balajadia Kitchenette-6

Balajadia Kitchenette Menu:

Benderdondat Balajadia KitchenetteBenderdondat Balajadia Kitchenette-2

I suggested this place since it’s been a while since I ate here and boy it was a chilly evening so the dishes offered here were perfect. Arnel also mentioned that he is tired from eating fast food and is looking for a meal close to home. Balajadia Kitchenette has a variety of soups, grilled items and fear factor like dishes which I was craving for. The last time I was here I was filled to the brim and the food is perfectly seasoned and really hearty. Hoping that not much has changed from the original taste.

So we ordered the following:

Benderdondat Balajadia Kitchenette-8Benderdondat Balajadia Kitchenette 15

Bulalo (Beef Shank soup) a beef dish comprised mainly of the shank with the bone marrow boiled till tender. A very hearty soup good for the cold weather.

Benderdondat Balajadia Kitchenette-9Benderdondat Balajadia Kitchenette-14

Inihaw na liempo with blood sauce, it’s a grilled pork belly with blood sauce that is simmered in vinegar.

Benderdondat Balajadia Kitchenette-10Benderdondat Balajadia Kitchenette-11

Beef Pinapaitan Beef Inards soup cooked in bile.  This dish you can say is a fear factor but it taste way better than it looks.

Benderdondat Balajadia Kitchenette001
Meal of the night

Along with 3 cups of rice and a liter of cook this completes our set for our dinner. The dishes were so delicious and hearty (For anyone on a diet this will ruin you). The Inihaw is tender and the skin isn’t tough perfectly cooked and the sauce complements it. The bulalo is specially tender and the soup is seasoned properly. While for the pinapaitan its not as bitter as I want it to be but perfect for this only wanting a hint of bile complementing it with the broth that comes from hours of boiling the innards till its tender.

Benderdondat Balajadia Kitchenette-12

Benderdondat Balajadia Kitchenette-13
A meal is incomplete with out the soy, Birds eye chili and Kalamansi condiment.

Over dinner we talked about the changes happening around Baguio. He is not always home since his work keeps him from doing so. There are a lot of developments happening around Baguio. New shops opening, buildings being erected and turning into hotels or transient homes and with the change others shops closing but we are hoping that some old joints stay. Change can be good, but some things should remain the same specially if they are already great to begin with, specially if they remind you of home. Overall the food is great and the price really budget friendly considering we ate food that’s good for 4 persons. The total was Php 495.00 according to him it was cheap since eating in fast food would cost you that much but is only good for one. Thumbs up for the price.  After the meal I accompanied him to the bus terminal for  his trip going back to Manila.  Hopefully he’ll be back soon and will probably look for another spot that good bang for the buck and the taste. Till next time!


Benderdondat Balajadia Kitchenette-17
Demolished shot.
Benderdondat Balajadia Kitchenette-16
Total of our bill


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