El Garahe Studios La Union getaway Mix Mix Eatery

El Garahe Studios has been my family since I quit my day job back on December of 2013. They have adopted and accepted me as part of the crew. Going thru a lot of weddings and some events. People think what we do is easy, but to do it under pressure and you are sure to take that back. This season we covered a lot of events and it’s probably just fitting that we also take a chill and laid back summer outing.

This years get away is towards La Union. A province towards the west side of the Philippines, of the island of Luzon. The province has various amounts of terrain. From the west, it faces the Philippine sea. Towards the east, the mountains of Cordillera where we will be coming from.

Benderdonedat LUG Mixmix-5

Benderdonedat LUG Mixmix-6

We start our trip going down along Naguilan road. We were a bit early and we haven’t eaten breakfast yet. We rushed for one of our favorite stops, Mix Mix eatery.

Benderdonedat LUG Mixmix-9

This Eatery has a reputation for its Mix Mix viand which is a combination of Pork Adobo with pork innards which were simmered till tender then cooked Adobo style.


We got there early and was lucky enough to get a glimpse of how they were preparing the dish.

We normally pair it with their Daing na Bangus which is a deboned milk fish filleted  in half, marinated in vinegar and garlic and pepper then fried. Unfortunately they are out of stock.

They also serve one of their side dishes which is Inabraw nga sili, which translates to pickled chilies. Their version is not really spicy but just a proper touch of sourness complementing the heat of the chilies.

Benderdonedat LUG Mixmix-27

We were starving and had a big day ahead, so we dug in. The taste of the mix mix is amazing, it has the saltiness from the soy and slight tang from the vinegar and with the pork flavor oozing from the meat and innards, it was a great match with the rice. The meat is tender and the innards chewy but in a good way. Paired of with the chilies, you just kept munching for more. I had 3 rice for a single serving it was that great.

Benderdonedat LUG Mixmix-29


Benderdonedat LUG Mixmix-28

Another great thing about the place is, its very affordable. 1 viand of mix mix is Php 75.00 and a cup of rice is at Php 10.00 the serving size can feed 2, but for my case I can finish it with extra rice^_^.

Benderdonedat LUG Mixmix-30

The photo above can more or less describe how the meal went.

After this meal we continue our escapade to La Union. I’ll cut it here for now but do watch out for the next parts of our adventure. ^_^

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