First Light 2018

Every year from 2010, my photographer friends from Baguio Photographers Club would go ahead and take Photographs of the first sunrise of the year and after that would have a hearty breakfast somewhere in the city (we always ended up looking for restaurants since most of them are closed during the new year morning opening up only during the afternoon.) This has become our tradition … Continue reading First Light 2018

Staycation at Prime Asia Hotel

I’m currently residing in La Trinidad, Benguet and unfortunately we don’t have a working airport that connects us to domestic destinations. We have to travel to either Manila or Mabalacat. I was bound to travel to Batanes on October 22nd for a friends wedding and I have to be at the airport at least 2 hours before the flight time to avoid the hustle. Before … Continue reading Staycation at Prime Asia Hotel

El Garahe Studios La Union getaway: Sunset at Urbiztondo

The view of the sea always gets me into a trance. The sound of the waves crashing is like a song putting me at ease. The wind carrying a little splash cools the warm day that passed. As the sun sets, its color sedates me and brings me to a halt, appreciating the canvas presented. Signaling yet another day finished. As darkness engulfs the light, … Continue reading El Garahe Studios La Union getaway: Sunset at Urbiztondo

El Garahe Studios La Union getaway: Sebay

We had a pre-planned location in mind for our first destination. A place dear to our hearts due to its affordability and a bit of a laid back atmosphere. We were excited to be there again since the last stay was enjoyable. As we approached our supposed destination, the guard from the other resort told us that the place we planned to stay in was … Continue reading El Garahe Studios La Union getaway: Sebay

El Garahe Studios La Union getaway Mix Mix Eatery

El Garahe Studios has been my family since I quit my day job back on December of 2013. They have adopted and accepted me as part of the crew. Going thru a lot of weddings and some events. People think what we do is easy, but to do it under pressure and you are sure to take that back. This season we covered a lot … Continue reading El Garahe Studios La Union getaway Mix Mix Eatery

Sadanga, A first encounter

After an 18th birthday celebration coverage back in Baguio last April 29, 2017, we immediately headed out to Sadanga, Mt. Province. I’m with the El Garahe studios Photo team and we were set to cover a wedding at our destination. The drive was a good 6-8 hours, but our driver Manong* Elvis (My boss’s cousin) just took it in 4 – 5 hours. We left … Continue reading Sadanga, A first encounter

To the horizons and beyond

We all start from somewhere. It takes one step to move forward and throttle to maximum speeds. The pump of adrenaline keeps our senses alert and alive. We aim to be the fastest among the group or by time. Sometimes we end up in places we either directed ourselves to go to or we get lost. We discover new horizons, marking it for our own. Most … Continue reading To the horizons and beyond

Travelling to Tubo, Abra

Abra a province part of the Cordillera administrative region is famous for its violent politics specially when the election season is nearing. It kinda destroyed its image as a possible quiet get away. But I’m here to show you that its not as bad as what they show you on television. Its a place that can bring you an adventure with nature. A place that … Continue reading Travelling to Tubo, Abra