First Light 2020


I don’t normally celebrate holidays the usual way, if anything I’d rather spend it on either resting, doing something productive or taking photographs of scenes that I encounter. I prefer a stress free day, specially when you’ve been through the wedding season with continuous days of shooting, less sleep and long days.

Every Year I start it with shooting the First Sunrise. It has became my personal tradition to witness it and capture a meaningful Photograph of a certain place. I opted to shoot at the strawberry farms here in La Trinidad, Benguet because I am expecting Mines view park to be terribly crowded due to the heavy influx of tourist wanting to enjoy the holidays here up in the mountains. It was chaos but I just hope that someone from the government will do something about it. As a citizen here in La Trinidad, I don’t go out unless its needed like for work, paying the bills, or getting  some groceries. The practical choice is  Going out for this walk to capture a Landscape scene is something luxurious for me. 

I woke up a little late and was kind of sick for the last days of 2019 having fever and lack of sleep and rest due to the wedding peak season. And if your wondering if there was someone who was there with me physically. No I was stuck at home, alone but don’t think of it as a sad thing. I kind of enjoyed being alone. It makes me relaxed to have a little peace and quiet from time to time. I live close by so going there not really a challenge if you have time but I took those garage taxi’s near the La Trinidad town hall and got charged Php 70.00. There were no regular taxi’s around or jeepneys, it was the dawn of a new year and everyone is expected to be asleep or wasted and probably have a hangover from the past year.

In 10 mins I was there, I dropped of near the Benguet Agri Pinoy Trading Center. It was a chilly 15°C morning, I wish I had some hot brewed coffee with me but every store I know was closed. Had to just clench my teeth and close the jacket and keep moving to make myself warm. I do have fat reserves so getting warm is easy. As I got there the light was starting to show some colors and was starting to paint a new years sky for its first light.  A great sign to a prosperous year. I just have to look for a good spot and ended up beside the road and set things up. Light like this doesn’t really last long so I had to be quick about it.

Benderdonedat Firstlight 2020 (1 of 40)
View at the strawberry farm January 01, 2020

Looking at any scene makes me pause and reflect specially at a Landscape view. I’d just take it in and be silent while clicking the camera and checking its settings to see if I got the desired photo. But once the I get into the zone and just dive into the deepest parts of my brain it made me wonder if there was any improvement with myself the past year. It was tough but I guess I survived 2019 and learned a lot. It wasn’t a dull year as I have experienced new things and found a special treasure that I so dearly regard. I know I have been silent in my blogs yes but I am trying to be reborn with every experience I encounter trying to be better with the things I got, trying to find beauty and meaning to each thing I face. I guess this year might be even tougher but I am trying to keep my head up high and reorganizing myself and hopefully be able to brave another year and hopefully share my experiences here in this little space in the internet I try to call my own.

Benderdonedat Firstlight 2020 (2 of 40)
After just a few minutes the light drastically changed.

Going back to the reality of that morning I was able to catch a familiar silhouette not far from where I was at. Meet Mr. Jeri Telva of Vikings Photography  . He’s one of the better photographers I know, who has his work featured in magazines and local publications.

Benderdonedat Firstlight 2020 (3 of 40)
Sir Jeri was also living near by like me also a resident of La Trinidad.

We just chatted a bit about the possibility of not being able to capture anything if we chose to take a chance at the other spot we usually take a sunrise photo for the first light. We just waited for the sun to rise and capture its rays. According to google the sun should’ve rose around 6:26 AM but the light only poured through the valley around 6:45 AM.

Benderdonedat Firstlight 2020 (8 of 40)

As the sun slowly creeps out behind the mountains.

Benderdonedat Firstlight 2020 (10 of 40)
It Slowly burst a ray of light and heat
Benderdonedat Firstlight 2020 (9 of 40)
and with this it slowly warms up the cold morning
Benderdonedat Firstlight 2020 (14 of 40)
signaling the start of a New Year

With the sunlight finally hitting us and embracing us in its calming warmth its time for a walk back home.

Benderdonedat Firstlight 2020 (17 of 40)
my First portrait of the year
Benderdonedat Firstlight 2020 (16 of 40)
thanks master for the photo ^_^
And yes before going home an attendance check

Along the way different stories presented along the way. the walk home instantly became a photo walk and a search for a place to dine for breakfast. I’m starving and wanting to drink something warm.

Benderdonedat Firstlight 2020 (18 of 40)
The long walk back home
Benderdonedat Firstlight 2020 (20 of 40)
The Farmers were early tending to their plants even though it was new year
Benderdonedat Firstlight 2020 (15 of 40)
It was cold for me at least but for this guy watering his plants with hose feels like its just room temperature water.

As we got near the cross roads I took a different route and sir Jeri went the other way. Tourist and other local folk were going on with their day starting there work or just strolling around, while the others are heading home and the other just going on with their business.

The streets were delightfully empty. (it was heaven seeing it empty since the past few days we were plagued by the dreaded carmagedon.)

It was a peaceful and quiet morning. Being able to enjoy this is quite something . Yes other people would say that celebrating the holidays alone is somewhat sad but for me I indulge in these times since its the only time I can reflect and hear my own thoughts without anyone trying to interfere. Being able to peer into ones self is a luxury these days specially so when we are always distracted by a lot of things.

Benderdonedat Firstlight 2020 (35 of 40)

Benderdonedat Firstlight 2020 (36 of 40)
Even the main roads are sparsely occupied by public and private transport.
Benderdonedat Firstlight 2020 (40 of 40)
Ended eating there for lack of any option.

I ended walking home and enjoying the a morning stroll and enjoying a hefty breakfast at the golden arches. Last year was silent and did not post much here but this year my focus will be looking for a voice on how to express myself and to continue improving on it. To better than my previous self is the goal of the year.


Benderdonedat Firstlight 2020 (38 of 40)

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