TOB Food Crawl 2018 La Union Leg

I was previously invited by The Other Bloggers for a Food crawl back in 2017 but I was out on a job covering an event, this year same thing happened but the good part is, this time I was able to participate on its second day. It has been a long dream of mine to actually feast on different restaurants, indulge in their food, take pictures of it and write about it. All done in a day. So yeah happy tummy here.

What is a Food Crawl? For me its like dungeon crawling (yah the gamer side of me is speaking to you now) but instead of fighting monsters and collecting items its more like tasting dishes, taking pictures of it and just making memories.

La Union has a very active food scene, considering the tourist that goes here, its proximity to the sea, flat lands and mountains give it a variety of available mix of ingredients which end up in the places we dive into.


The Food Project

Food Crawl-15

Food Crawl-11

Food Crawl-8Food Crawl-22Food Crawl-16Food Crawl-17Food Crawl-18Food Crawl-19

Our first stop The Food Project. Its a food park that has a lot of choices and a lot to offer. Very good interiors and spacious. We gnawed dishes from Ribbed, What The Pho and Chick Inn. The Food Project is located at Zone 1 Brgy Lingsat, corner Martinez St, San Fernando, La Union. You Can check them out here in their facebook page.

  • Ribbed

By the name alone I know what your thinking and your probably salivating now. Feast your eyes on the pic below for more drooling action. The ribs are great. Tender and seasoned properly paired of with  a coating of barbecue sauce, mashed potatoes and salad whats not to love.

Food Crawl-21Food Crawl-27

Food Crawl-14


  • What The Pho

Their offering might be a bit of for the summer but the their Pho sure refreshes you as it hits with its very tasty broth, paired off with their spring rolls that’s fried to perfection oh yummy.

Food Crawl-24Food Crawl-25Food Crawl-26

Food Crawl-4Food Crawl-13

  •  Chick Inn 

What they specialize in is their amazing chicken wings, I would say good with beer and pika pika(finger food). They have several flavors but my personal favorite would have to be their soy garlic flavor. A must try.

Food Crawl-28Food Crawl-29

Food Crawl-7

Food Crawl-12


With the introduction of innovation with food today comes an innovation with how we take care of our bills.  Paymaya provides a solution that not only allows us to transact cashless without the hustles of a credit card, debit or cash, All you need is a phone and the app for paymaya and you can pay by scanning their QR codes.  Paymaya has partnered with merchants and destinations – including Flotsam & Jetsam, El Union, The Great Northwest Philippine Travel Stop & Viewing Deck and Beach Bum Food Park, among others. For more info check their app at the app store or visit their website here.

The pictures bellow are a talk with our friends from Paymaya. demonstrating to us  on how to use the app and their planned vision for La Union and the other provinces in providing cashless transactions.

Food Crawl-23


Layag Grille and Kilawen Bar

For our lunch stop we ended up at the Layag Grille and Kilawen Bar. Being near the beach grilled food is must. paired it of with Kinilaw(fish or seafood served ceviche style.) and some cold beverage perfect for the hot summer weather. they are located at Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union

Food Crawl-42

Food Crawl-43Food Crawl-44Food Crawl-31

Food Crawl-37Food Crawl-39Food Crawl-35Food Crawl-37Food Crawl-36Food Crawl-33Food Crawl-38Food Crawl-40Food Crawl-32Food Crawl-41

Sugar Artisan

With our dessert stop we head over to Sugar Artisan. The place is a real eye candy, soft in eyes, white accents and a buffet of sweets as you enter their shop. They offer a dessert all you can buffet for Php 199/pax and that a mighty deal to top and they also offer Pastas and quesadillas. Good spot for an afternoon tea or coffee. its a good spot to chill and just relax specially in the afternoon. They are located at Manila North Rd, San Juan, La Union.

Food Crawl-45Food Crawl-48Food Crawl-47Food Crawl-46

Food Crawl-53

Food Crawl-56Food Crawl-58Food Crawl-61


Food Crawl-64


Valentino’s Cake Boutique

And the look for sweets continues at Valentino’s Cake Boutique, going towards more like a bakeshop kind of vibe wherein you drop buy, look at what you like, and then purchase and munch it at home or somewhere. They may be a small stop but they do know how to make good sweets I personally like their macarons and the blueberry tart. They are located at Bauang, La Union.

Food Crawl-83

Food Crawl-76Food Crawl-75Food Crawl-74


Elyu Surfers’ Grill

Our last stop for the TOB Food Crawl for this year is at Elyu Surfers’ Grill. They offer an eat all you can barbecue with a wide selection to choose from. Assorted meats, seafood, veggies and the likes. You can also customize your own meal by choosing from a wide array of sauces they have and baste it while you cook them at your own grill. Great for big groups, families or just the barkada after a day out on the beach. And really affordable. They are located at Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union.


Food Crawl-98

Food Crawl-95


Food Crawl-97

And this concludes this years The other Bloggers Food Crawl 2018. I was really stuffed after this. All the places we hit have really great food offerings. Great service, great ambiance and really sumptuous Meals to offer. If you are near, do hit them up and they won’t disappoint.


If you are looking for a great place to stay you can also check out Puerto de San Juan. They have villas and rooms to choose from which can fit big groups. They have an accommodating staff and really decent rooms. To learn more on their rates visit their website here.

Food Crawl-102Food Crawl-101

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