Panagbenga Night Scenes 2018

I had the urge to go out and enjoy the Panagbenga night scene just before the festivities end. It can be daunting going around in Baguio alone, specially with a camera set up to shoot some long exposures. I just had to satisfy my urge. When that switch flicks on, it’s hard to put of, except when my camera runs out of batteries.

My route started out at Burnham park, around the lake area(or pond or what ever you call it). Then went over to Maharlika Building at the base of session road, then head back to Harrison road and then Lower Session road. The last location was at the concert area before SM.

The Photographs below are what I’ve taken for that evening.

Benderdonedat Panagbenga Night Scene
A view of Burnham Park lake and the Baguio city Hall at the back.
Benderdonedat Panagbenga Night Scene-3
This picture reminds me of plants vs zombies. Some of the fixtures around Burnham Park
Benderdonedat Panagbenga Night Scene-2
Pedal Cars slowly replacing the bikes around Burnham park. I remember there were also pedal cars before. I rode one as a kid. These would be the modern versions.
Benderdonedat Panagbenga Night Scene-4
Kids and kids at heart playing with their LED Balls or floaters at the Melvin Jones Grandstand grounds.

The Photo below was taken atop the Maharlika Building. Word of warning its not the safest place to go to, alone. It is lined up with bars and drunken people, but makes up for the great view at the top.

Benderdonedat Panagbenga Night Scene-5
Session Road in Bloom. After the Panagbenga parades the City of Baguio closes down one of its main streets to showcase locally made items, food, and other products from other parts of the Philippines participating in the festivities.
Benderdonedat Panagbenga Night Scene-6
Abanao -Harrison road intersection.
Benderdonedat Panagbenga Night Scene-7
Harrison road night market. One of the places to go to for bargain deals on second hand apparel (ukay-ukay) ranging from clothes, jackets, shoes, bags etc. They also have food on both ends. The night market starts from 9 PM to 2 AM.
Benderdonedat Panagbenga Night Scene-8
Waiting for someone.
Benderdonedat Panagbenga Night Scene-9
Serenade, with meager means there are people trying to make an honest living but for this guy, very talented and I really like the music he is playing. An added spice to the crowded scene at session road in bloom. (Yes I did give some since he captivated my ears with his music.)
Benderdonedat Panagbenga Night Scene-10
Rock n’ Roll. A concert held by globe near SM. At the time of this photo it was Sponge Cola who was playing their music. After this shot no more battery.

Some tips when shooting alone.

  • Never stay at one place for a long time.
    -Always try to move so that you can maximize the space you cover. Its also for your safety.
  • If you think its not safe don’t push forward.
    -safety first people always be on the look out if anyone is trailing you just to avoid any unnecessary risk.
  • Know where to go.
    -yes people I did my research before going around, not just for the sake of taking the photographs but where to run in case of an emergency.
  • Pack light
    -Avoid carrying all your gear with you. One to 2 lenses with a camera and tripod and several batteries will do the trick. Just enjoy the scene with your light pack and do not over complicate your pictures.
  • Be courteous and friendly
    – Some people value their privacy and not want their pictures taken. If you can ask  permission go but if they act hostile, apologize then move on.

Overall it was a fun night for me I was able to break of from my usual  shooting habits and tried to think on how to encapsulate how Baguio city feels during the Festivities of Panagbenga. It was thrilling and exciting for me. If you can, bring a friend along and enjoy the cold breeze and atmosphere. Appreciate the view, enjoy the conversation while going around and go beyond your comfort zone.


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