The 2nd full moon of 2018

A Blue Moon happens when a second full moon happens within the month. A Blood moon occurs when a Total Lunar Eclipse happens. But what happens when it both happens you got a Super Blue Blood Moon (Okay I didn’t really term that I’m just going by what the media is saying.) They mentioned that this is a once in a lifetime event considering that it may take another 150 years before anyone sees it happen again.

As far as I’m concerned the moon is going to be larger than the normal full moon and will shine brighter. The moon will also turn red while it is at its closest to earth and I’ll be able to take pictures of it while it’s happening. For tonight’s astrological event I positioned myself at the City View Transient they got a great view of the city and a great feel for Baguio’s weather. You can book here.

The evening started with a disappointing feel since the clouds were building up and it feels as if the weather will get worse. But we patiently waited hoping that the sky will open up and give us a glimpse at the magnificence of the moon event happening that night.

I am joined by my friend Jennelyn (Jhen) who likes to run, bike and really loves dogs. And the others were the crew of El Garahe, Paul, John, George, Jonillo and Alvin. We were all trying to enjoy tonight’s event and all praying for a clearer sky later. This may be a once in a life time deal for us to witness such an event.



Around 7:00 Pm it started to look promising giving us a glimpse of the moons light going thru the clouds.


By around 8:00 Pm the clouds dispersed and vanished like it was nothing. Our prayers were answered. We can now see the moon and it was showering us with such good light that it feels as if the sky was lit with sunshine.



No clouds to cover the moon.

After a few minutes of no clouds we can already see the shadow of the earth starting to creep over the moon and block the light from sun.



Around 8:38 PM the moon started turning red and the moon seemed like it will be fully covered in the earths shadow.


At 9:00 PM you can see by the picture that the moon is now fully eclipsed and with the pictures taken I know I have immortalized one moment in my life that will not probably happen again my life time. After that we had dinner and bask in the moment that we were there to witness something that we can share in the future.




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