First Light 2018

Every year from 2010, my photographer friends from Baguio Photographers Club would go ahead and take Photographs of the first sunrise of the year and after that would have a hearty breakfast somewhere in the city (we always ended up looking for restaurants since most of them are closed during the new year morning opening up only during the afternoon.) This has become our tradition in welcoming the new year.


The usual schedule for meeting up would be around 4 AM and would pack up around 7 AM. I was there around 5:30 AM (Although I didn’t watched the fireworks display or got drunk, I was still recovering from the 3 day wedding spree we covered with El Garahe Studios. I’m still tired from it.) The regular spot would be at the Mines View park which has a great vantage point for sunrises and if we are lucky we can witness a colorful display of the morning sky, a see of clouds or a great light show from mother nature.




The First glimpse of light coming from the sun.


That morning the temperature was around 17 degrees Celsius but the wind that was blowing made it feel a lot colder than that. It was still dark but the place was lit with an orange light coming from a light post just enough to see our steps and fiddle with the settings of our camera. I was with among friend who were passionate about the craft. We were just there for fun and just capturing the beauty of the moment and recollecting moments of the past year.


We almost always do this every year (We had times where we are away on trips but we try to continue the tradition every year.) for the fun of just witnessing a great sunrise and our way of welcoming the New Year. The other reason is so that we can enjoy the Baguio that has empty streets. After the sunrise we try to find a place to crash for breakfast unfortunately a lot of restaurants are closed but there are some local joints that are open. We ended up having breakfast at Don Henrico’s at Session Road and were amazed that session road doesn’t have that much cars in it. Considering the influx of tourist the past days, this is quite the scene. We also ate dessert at the Baguio Tea House. We got Chona’s Delight which is a cake light dessert and had it on the best spot we can find since the shops table were currently filled with their cakes that ready for delivery.

Over all we had fun not just witnessing the sunrise but with the company of everyone present. All hoping to have a great year ahead.


The buwis buhay shot at the middle of session road. Photo by Neil Clark Ongchangco
At Don Henrico’s session road. Photo by Neil Clark Ongchangco
After the heavy dessert we had Tea house’s famous Chona’s Delight. We had the regular and then the caramel version. Photo by Neil Clark Ongchangco





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