Leaving Behind 2017

2017 has lapsed, and today is a mark of a new year. The previous year has brought me lot’s of joys but also very deep sorrows. Late last year some events crippled me in a whole lot of ways. Pain and sorrow haunted me. It broke me in a lot of ways. I lost focus. My heart was heavy and I couldn’t think straight. It momentarily stopped me from being me. It made the last months of last year hell.


But 2017 was not all that bad, I was able to go to new places, discover new horizons and I was able to tick of some stuff of my to do list. It also allowed me to be part of someones lives, witnessed new beginnings, and celebrated unions. Made new friends and also rediscovered things that I am capable of.

2017 has made me learn that life goes on even if sad things happen. It has taught me to treasure things that are still whole even if everything else are broken. It has taught me that not all things last forever only change is. It has taught me to cherish people close to you, to tend to connections and relationships as though they are your life. I’m still vulnerable from the frustrations and heartaches that I have recently encountered but I am trying to pull myself together.


For 2018 I hope to pull myself up from the ashes of what seemed like a disaster that knocked me of. I swear that I’ll be better and I’ll be Happier this year. This year will be mine, no one else will trample over it except me. To 2018 I hope that this year would be kind and generous. That it would be devoid of sadness and pains. That it would only be filled with joys and happiness. That new adventures and opportunities would unfold. That the broken pieces of myself would mend and bring forth a better and stronger me. That the people who are my family and who I consider family, and friends, will have good health and better opportunities. I wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Photo taken by Topper Ballola


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