First Light 2017

This Photo was taken back at January 1st of 2017. It was a rainy morning and we were a bit disappointed since we were starting the year wet and cold. This photo was taken at Mines view park from the view deck. We were crazy enough to force ourselves to wake up (for my case not sleep) after a night of celebrating the new year,  and try our luck in getting a photo of this years first light. It has been our yearly ritual to try to capture this years first light. I was accompanied by my friends from the Baguio Photographers Club (BPC), Mukha Ng Baguio (MNB) and some other people which probably consist of some locals and tourist.

The not complete group hug. Some already went home. Photo taken by Neil Ongchangco

Unfortunately we were not lucky this year since we only got a glimpse of the sun after it rose up. Probably the only thing that made our efforts not go in vain was when the sun gave us a light show. The light dance a round for a bit and forced its way out of the cracks between the clouds. It was a great spectacle. Probably a warning that this year is full of trials, but if you hang on, something great might happen. So far good things have happened thus far hopefully before the year ends, better things will come to play.

So far how’s it going for you? Comment below and maybe we can talk and share. ^_^


Benderdonedat first light 2017

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