Starting Photography

I don’t really have a lot of pictures to show about how I lived my life specially during my high school and college years.  If ever I had pictures is its because a relative brought a camera during a certain celebration or a classmate or friend brought a camera to the event. But it was only a few pictures, never really had an album specifically kept for myself for a specific event or trip. I don’t really remember when, but I told myself I’ll get a camera someday.

Photo taken by: Neil Ongchangco

Pass forward towards a couple of years, it has been a year since I started working at a call center here in Baguio City. I was looking for a productive and creative means to vent out stress. My life has became a stand still. I woke up then go to work, after shift we go out for a couple of drinks and then go home, then repeat. The work is draining and it made me think if this was all there to it.

Photo taken by: Petra Lang-ayan

I looked back and try to remember what I was lacking from my college years and decided to purchase a couple of things. The first was a laptop. I always envied people who had one. They can be mobile while doing their stuff. I also like playing computer games, watching movies and surfing the internet. The second was a camera. I had a lot of un-captured memories which I wish I can go back to and I also took inspiration from my dad who then owned a film SLR. I asked around and I ended up talking to Emerson Bimuyag. He was the one who influenced me into buying my first DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex). He was also my first mentor and the one who introduced me to the Baguio Photographers Club and the joys shooting with out killing anyone.

Photo taken by: Tom Acop

When I got my DSLR, I immediately got hooked with my new found hobby. I always brought my camera. I explored the world with this gateway. It presented a different geeky perspective on mapping the horizons. It opened myself to opportunities that I didn’t know existed. Found secrets and learned new things. Met friends and now colleagues in the photography industry.  Doing photography was a great way for me to just walk around and burn some calories.  I also tend to do some stuff I never knew I would be doing for the picture.

Photo taken by: Deirdre Conde
Photo taken by: Neil Ongchangco
Photo taken by: Olga Villanueva
Photo taken by: Neil Ongchangco


Photo taken by: Elicon Consul

I learned from experience and from attending workshops. Before I used to think that a photographer would just just be clicking the camera to got the picture, but as I got exposed more towards shooting weddings, events, and other stuff, you develop an intuition on how to wait for some moments to happen, you read and predict the scenario. In my future blogs I’ll share some tips I learned in capturing photographs. I hope these tips would then help you in capturing better photographs.

Photo taken by: Paul Balolla

As of today Photography for me became a therapy of sorts. It was a way for me to release the pent up stress. It was my escape from the routine of my life in a corporate world. It was a gateway for me to shut off the world and just live in that moment. An expression of things I saw, felt and experienced. My camera became a time machine that froze a piece of reality.  It has now been my way of life.

Photo taken by: Johan Viloria

—Pictures of me here are not mine. I don’t really take self portraits but thanks to people listed on the pictures for taking them.

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