Reflection, A rainy day in Baguio Cathedral

This picture was captured back on October of 2011. We were doing a yearly photo walk for the Scott Kelby world wide event. Sadly there was a typhoon at that time. It was raining hard and we improvised on how to make our cameras weather proof and ourselves. We had to get on with the walk and capture images that best describe the beauty of Baguio under that circumstance.

It was Sunday then and normally the place would’ve been jam packed with people, but due to the weather disturbance only a few were able to go and attend mass. For those who did go, they have my admiration for being dedicated. I grew up a catholic but I don’t think I have the same resolve but I’m not an atheist its just that there are some things I don’t really believe in.

Back to the photo walk. The meet up place was at the Baguio Cathedral and we were suppose to go walk towards a specific destination but just ended up under shelter due to the worsening weather condition. I was lucky to get this, but the unlucky part was that I was not able to submit this due to power failure since the typhoon picked up strength and knocked out some power lines that affected my place for days. One take away from this is that no matter the situation you should prepare for it and when the opportunity presents itself you take that shot and be thankful for that moment no matter what the outcome.

Benderdonedat Baguio Cathedral

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