The gate of Sumaging

This right here is the entrance to Sumaging cave in Sagada. It may seem small in this picture but the Cave entrance is wide and huge.  If only this wasn’t a popular tourist destination, I would have loved to just lied down, watch the clouds move and the light play as it hits the cave. Another thing I have noticed is that this looks like an eye looking at you. If mother nature has an eye it might look like this and at the same time she is showing showing you her beauty, mystery and wonders.

Caves for some are spiritual places that connect you to nature. It is a place of meditation that allows you to discover a part of you that you wouldn’t believe you are capable of. Its like a test of courage the spelunking version. I have traversed Sumaging before and she taught me a lesson that pushed parts of me to my limits specially traversing her with a fat body like mine. Yes people i’m part of the plus size category, but I can say I survived Sumaging cave the first time. Hopefully will be able to do so the next.


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