Angel Wings

It was near my Mothers birthday when I captured this on October 2011 . This was shot at our backyard in my hometown Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya. I grew up in a rural setting here in the Philippines and was exposed to scenery’s like this. This right here was one of the unique things I saw.

I was supposed to wake up earlier but the bed kept calling me. When I came to I was rushing towards the fields and this was the view that showed up. It was like an Angel spreading it’s wings from it’s slumber. There were better colors of mornings at my place but this one made an impression that felt cooler, relaxed and positive.

It was Sunday at the time, I’m not really a religious person but there is something about this scene that was spiritual and comforting. It’s as if someone was calling out to me presenting a piece of this beautiful world and showing to that there are still a lot of positive things out there.  That not everyday is the same, but it’s up to you to make it unique.


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