Ray of light at Halsema highway

We are on our way to Baguio city from Sagada when I took this picture. This picture was date April 17, 2016. It was somewhere in Halsema Highway and it was raining. The roads were slippery and we are stuck in traffic caused by some land slides and road repairs.

Along the way it would sound as if my trip was a terrible one but its not. There are a lot of great views such as the one I am sharing today.  Whenever I travel, I immerse myself with the scenery and how wonderful the place looks like. I space out, listen to music and just appreciate the great things presented to you. Here in the Philippines traveling times take long due to the roads being poorly constructed or traffic is really bad. This gives me time to reflect, just get lost in my head and snap a few pics.

Benderdonedat lightopening

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