Kiltepan, a mid day viewing

Kiltepan peak has an amazing view of the sunrise specially if you get to see it with the sea of clouds covering the land below and just tops of the other mountains showing while the rays of the sun hit the entire ridge with its magical light.

This majestic vantage point always enthralls me to just look at it, feel the wind blow towards my face and just let my mind float away. It is not my first time to see this view but it was my first time seeing this place without anyone in it and at noon. It showed the rice terraces at the bottom of the peak we were at and what the clouds covered during the times I was there.

I would have loved to see this place in the morning again but it has became impossible to just view this place alone. Flocks of tourist are always there, but at that time when I took the photo I was able to savor that moment and be in it. I’ll probably be back again hopefully at a better time. For now I’ve Ben-der-done-dat.

For a better view click here


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