Before the Harvest

Benderdonedat sunrise at my Home town.jpg

This picture was taken 2 years ago from my hometown in Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya. It was summer time back then. At this hour the sun was becoming a bit warm even though it was just 5:50 AM. The rays of the sun radiates a comfortable glow engulfing you in a warm blanket of heat. Mixing in with the cold breeze is the scent of rice ready for the summer harvest. As you walk to towards the field pathways, morning dew wets your feet and washes off the mud you get from the paddies. From afar, you can hear the roosters call and greet you good morning along with the chirping of the birds. Growing up, I woke up to this a lot of times when I lived with my parents. I always enjoyed the feeling of the time slowing down. I usually sip my coffee or tea under the trees, looking towards this beautiful view and enjoying that gush of warmth.  This psychs me up to start the day with energy and positive attitude…Good vibes! ^_^

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