Breakfast at Yoghurt House

Benderdonedat Yoghurt House

El Garahe Studios took me in on December of 2013 and I have been shooting events with them ever since. It has been hectic for me and the El Garahe Studios photo team last April 29 and 30 2017. We shot an 18th birthday celebration  at the Baguio Country Club in Baguio City and then we headed out immediately for our next event at Sadanga, Mt. Province for a wedding.

We were able to survive that and were able to get rest at our boss’s cousin’s place in Sagada. It was a great feeling downing a bottle of beer after all that hard work. We had a couple more before hitting the sack. At that time our boss promised us that he’ll treat us to breakfast at the Yoghurt House. I got excited since it has been a long time since I ate breakfast at Yoghurt House.

Its not my first time in Sagada. In fact, we shot some weddings here before. Yoghurt House was one of the first restaurants I went to during my first time. It was the afternoon then and I ate pasta and some sandwiches.   The serving sizes were huge and the food was tasty. Now we’ll be able to try their breakfast menu.

The place still has that quaint atmosphere. The walls are paneled with pine wood logs, typical with any Sagada household or establishment. The furniture are also made of pine wood. The photographs hanging are that of Mr Tommy Hafalla‘s work from back then.

Benderdonedat Yoghurt House-5Benderdonedat Yoghurt House-4

I got the Farmhouse Breakfast Omelette, the one with smoked bacon with vegetables and cheese served with rice and coffee.

Benderdonedat Yoghurt House-13
Farmhouse Breakfast Omelette, with smoked bacon with vegetables

Jun, my co photographer got the Beef meal. Its beef tapa with garlic rice and 2 sunny side up eggs.

Benderdonedat Yoghurt House-14
Beef meal

Topper, my boss, had the Sausage Meal. Its a home made sausage served with garlic rice and sunny side up eggs or scrambled . In this case scrambled.

Benderdonedat Yoghurt House-16
Sausage Meal

He also shared a Robust Tuna Open Sandwich. It has tuna, cheese, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, yoghurt, and mayonnaise.

Benderdonedat Yoghurt House-15
Robust Tuna Open Sandwich

We also had Yoghurt for dessert. A definite must at the Yoghurt House.

Benderdonedat Yoghurt House-19
Sagada Honey Yoghurt
Benderdonedat Yoghurt House-18
Chocolate Chip Cookies with Yoghurt
Benderdonedat Yoghurt House-17
Banana and Granola Yoghurt

The food is still great. Still  hearty and portion are still great but if I had to choose my favorite it would be the Beef meal and for the dessert it would be the Sagada Honey Yoghurt.  I would recommend the place for someone who wanted to enjoy a huge meal and splurge a bit.

Benderdonedat Yoghurt House-9
In case you wanted a souvenir to bring home.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast at Yoghurt House

  1. One of the first places I visited during my first trip to Sagada. My favourite is Cheese Lover’s Pancake. I also fruits in season pancake with yoghurt. I especially love their homemade hot chocolate! Missing Sagada very much.

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