To the horizons and beyond

To the Horizon and Beyond

We all start from somewhere. It takes one step to move forward and throttle to maximum speeds. The pump of adrenaline keeps our senses alert and alive. We aim to be the fastest among the group or by time.

Sometimes we end up in places we either directed ourselves to go to or we get lost. We discover new horizons, marking it for our own. Most of the time we start a race to compete with others. To be better and faster. To be ahead of the competition.

As we go along, we discover that the race to the finish is not what always makes us happy. It’s the people we meet who either help us or teach us a valuable lesson. It’s the experiences and the knowledge we acquire to traverse difficult roads, may it be a tight turn, a bumpy road or a steep climb. Along the way, we improve the vehicles we ride on to help us keep our goals intact. We learn to discern our strengths and weaknesses.  For every lap we take we become sharper and intuitive.

At the end of it, its not really a race with other people but a race with yourself and making the most out of it. Have fun along the way and just enjoy the ride.

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