Film is not Dead In Baguio

The Cameras brought by some of the Baguio Photographers Club Members

There used to be a lot of Film Photographers in Baguio. They literally can be found around any tourist spot. They’ll ask if you want to have your pictures taken for a fee and then if you agree, they’ll take your picture,  then they’ll develop it and give you a stub which you will need to show later to claim your Pictures.

Now at this digital age everyone can take a picture at the touch of a finger tip, on a cellphone, DSLR(Digital single lens reflex) and any form of Digital Camera out there, everything is easy and you don’t need to do the thinking whenever you are taking the shot, you just have to compose and take it, no need to worry about the ISO(ASA term used back then or film sensitivity), the shutter speed, and the aperture.


Kodak ektachrome 100 (I might be wrong)

Ms. She Escobar Showing how a hasselblad works
Micheal putting in additional input.

But some Individuals are still passionate with film and as they say you can’t really replicate the feeling of a film being developed and showing the image thru the developing paper, let alone the familiar feel on the process of capturing a moment full analog.

That nostalgic feel of cranking a Film camera, the shutter sound it makes after it took a shot, all that we were able to try again during a meet up with BPC(Baguio Photographers Club) friends.

Mr. Ric Maniquis checking out the Nikon FM3

March 26, 2017 was the time this all took place at the Camp John Hay Picnic Grounds. The afternoon started with a small kiddie party (it was our Club Presidents Son’s Birthday Party), and then after that lunch we went on to the matters of the club which kicked off with  the Kape Print 8 a monthly activity which ask anyone to print their best photo and share their Ideas about the it, why they took it, how they took it, and what makes it special to them. After which everyone participating can share compliments and or constructive criticisms(they don’t bite specially when they have grape juice hehe) and ideas on possibly how to improve the Photographs . Then we vote for who has the best Pictures and the winner gets to keep a printed certificate and the best part is that everyone gets to exchange their photos with the others.




The President and the 2 Winners of the Kape Print Otso, Micheal and Wal

We each shared an encounter of our film experiences and the things we captured back then. I recalled my encounter as somewhat of a load, lock and shoot kind of thing, not understanding how photography works and all its rules.

Sharing their experience with Film

Now that I have learned photography, I appreciate how the process works, how to think of taking the shot, anticipating moments and waiting for the universe to converge in taking that one click hoping to God that the shot I took will come out great after developing it.

The attendees of the Baguio Photographers club’s Kape Print and Film walk (er not everyone was here)

I was able to try(by meaning of try touch and caress that familiar feel of a an SLR) several cameras they brought and in my mind I wish I can take them home and play with them more. We also had a small walk to try to exercise the things we  learned and those who wanted to try Film SLRs.

My Practice Assignment for the Film walk

I currently don’t have a working Film Camera but I’m hoping soon I will get to borrow and try out one with 36 shots and hopefully a meaningful set of pictures to come out of it.

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