Colors of A spectrum 2017

“What makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school, but a different way of looking at the world and learning,” Chuck Grassley

We are often placed in stereotypes these days and expressing ourselves for us to be acknowledged can be quite challenging specially in today’s standards. Everyone can try to make a point but can’t be heard and how much more for these individuals who sees the world in a different light and perspective.

The colors of A spectrum has been a way for individuals with special needs to try to discover expressing themselves not on a verbal way but on a visual way.

I have been documenting several of the mentioned activity way back 2010, I might have skipped some of the events from previous years due to work and or restrictions on my schedule but thankfully this year I was able to attend the said event.

You might be wandering what this is? To sum it up in a few words its a workshop for kids with autism to be taught how to get pictures with the use of their cameras. In deeper thought we are trying to teach them to express themselves thru how they see the world. The mentors are different photographers from Baguio based Photography groups namely Baguio Photographers Club,  Mukha ng Baguio,  and individuals comprised of Freelance photographers, hobbyist, and Professionals who are really passionate about the craft and are dear friends. (please send me a message if I forgot a groups name)

This year’s workshop is a bit ambitious for both the participants and the mentors since the location is at a place we are not familiar with. A Lot of planning was put into place but certain things came unseen and only presented itself during the time wherein we are already heading towards the location.

We were supposed to  try to teach the kids to take pictures at the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival  at Clark Pampanga but due to the influx of tourist and individuals wanting to be a part of the festive atmosphere, the organizers decided that it would be better if we can teach the kids at a location wherein they’d be a lot safer. We did try, but there were more people there than the hot air balloons that are going to fly. Some of us were disappointed specially the first timers like me (Haha) and some of the kids who were really looking forward to the massive balloons that are going to fly but safety first for everyone.

We head back to our accommodations but some of us were just too hyped up that we explored the beauty of the morning and it didn’t disappoint as we were able to capture great some keepers.








Then we headed to our next location which was Angeles City Flying Club(ACFC). It was a good distance away from where we were staying and we got a bit lost along the way but we got there eventually. Topographically speaking the airstrip is located near Mt. Arayat, and is surrounded by fields of varying kind from vegetables to rice paddies and corn fields.


The workshop attendees where thrilled as some of them will be able to ride the planes and at the same time will be capturing photos of this wonderful experience. I was tasked to document Carlo Banes while he is being taught by Mr. Mark Perez how to capture the scenario that was presented to him.


Carlo is a gentle giant with a big Heart. He easily grasp the concept he is being taught and is able to replicate easily the images that he is being shown. He also has skills that I think is a bit advance since I saw some of his shots and you can say it doesn’t need correction like other photographers I know of who still need a ton of things to improve, His just needs a little more mentoring and exposure and he’ll be a good one.

The other participants also had fun with the new experience and new environment. The main goal of this activity is for the participants to find a way for them to comfortably express themselves specially the students. It may be with social interaction with their mentors or thru the pictures they take. To see a part of how they find the world to be.


We all had a blast looking forward to another year and hoping that I’ll be able to join and document the event again.

Group Hug of The 2017 Colors of A spectrum Photography workshop
Group Hug of The 2017 Colors of A spectrum Photography workshop Courtesy of Neil Clark Ongchangco who took this Photo

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